6 Things I HAVEN’T Done at Disney World

At 10 times having gone to Walt Disney World, there is a lot I have done in the parks. From childhood, to adulthood, you’d be surprised for me to say I haven’t ridden, tried, or done something. But I am sure that many can relate, there is so much to do that honestly, it becomes a bucket list! For you, I have a few things that I am looking forward to doing while I do Disney!

Been on the Jungle Cruise

I am actually ashamed to say I have never been on this amazing ride! I honestly for many years had no idea what it was. And not being a big fan of Animal Kingdom, I couldn’t understand why there were massive fans of it. Well, into the last 5 years or so, I 201remember watching a Disney College Program (I believe his name was John), I was hooked on why the Jungle Cruise was so amazing. For the uninitiated, Jungle Cruise is a super cereal ride. Like SUPER CEREAL. No cracking jokes, no laughing. It’s no laughing matter…I really can’t hold onto it. It;’s hilarious and I hope to get the enjoyment.

Drank the Beverly

I know nobody WANTS to try the Beverly. And honestly, this one is more I want someone to try the Beverly unknowingly. Luckily, I have a willing victim coming with me and I plan to have us try it in the most innocent ways. There are sometimes devil horns behind the Mouse Ears, just saying.

 Rode Spaceship Earth


Well, this one I have tried to do before! Alas, the line in the middle of July was not really agreeing with me. So my family and I skipped Spaceship Earth to hit Living With The Land instead. It’s one of those that I don’t fully regret, but I am very excited to go and actually do it this time! I am not 100% sure even what happens in Spaceship Earth besides the past to present storyline. I NEED TO KNOW~!

Seen Halloween Decorations

I have seen a lot of decor in my time at Disney. I have seen flowers and I have seen Christmas. But Halloween has eluded me for several years. And I will be honest, I love Halloween more than any other holiday. I might talk later about this, but I have been a H203aunt actor for a few years. Halloween at Disney and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal are needed for me. But in my pregnant booty, that will not happen. Not yet anyway. I am super hoping to see the pumpkins, ghosties, orange and black this year before they are gone for the year. One can truly only hope!

Eaten at The Food and Wine Festival

Technically, this one is doable for us this year! Since Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival is going through the time we are in Disney this year, I would love to try the delicious foods. The menu for the Festival has been released actually! Take a look here for the full menu if you haven’t already. I am eating for two, so you know I am looking forward to it!


Gone with my Significant Other

I have taken several people for their first trip to Disney. My best friends and I went on a solo trip a few years ago. But I have never been with a man that I want to go to Disney with more than anything. Well, I am really happy to say that this one will be bucketed! My boyfriend and I are super excited to check out the world together and spend quality time while we are a family of 2 and one to be.

My list is a bit more doable than I honestly had thought originally. But I also must say that I have a million more things to do as an adult! Even more when my little one is in the world. I am super excited to talk more about these things in the future!


Snow xoxoxo



The Disney World 25th Anniversary Castle

My first trip to Disney was in May of 1997. I was in Kindergarten. And honestly, I wouldn’t know until my mid-20s, that during my first trip, that Walt Disney World was going through a controversy. And oh man, I wish I could have been a sentient adult at the time.

Most people, including myself, will say “Happy Birthday” to the Magic Kingdom on October 1st. In 1971, the first major Disney Park on the east coast was opened to the public. castlecakeposter

And for their 25th anniversary in 1996, Disney put into effect putting 400 gallons of pink paint on Cinderella castle. Transformed into a giant birthday cake, the face of Walt Disney World was unrecognizable under layers of faux icing, gumdrops, candy rings and giant birthday candles (25 candles with a 26th for another successful year to come). You can tell they put a lot of effort into making the castle a true memory maker for this celebration. Let’s face it, being a quarter of a decade old is pretty memorable.

MK Guidemap Cover (96)

Alas, this was a disappointment for many first-time guests, and returning guests were appalled by the gaudy show that would run for 15 months into January of 1998. Disney’s celebration choice was dragged across the ground and is remembered as a massive mistake in Disney Park history. I swear I hadn’t seen more than a few people who remembered the castle fondly during the 25th Anniversary. Many couples actually postponed/ canceled their weddings at the Magic Kingdom until the castle was renewed back to blue and gray.

My need to write this came from watching an Offhand Disney Video about Disney’s Worst Mistakes that included the celebration for Stitch’s Great Escape, and also a giant Chicken Little head in Disney’s California Adventure, the latter actually being something I really don’t think I ever heard about either.

Let’s be fair, as a child, you really don’t see the bad in things like the castle being a cake. But honestly, as an adult, what is my opinion now? Do I think it’s as big of a mistake as Disney fans from the mid-90s did?

I can say it with a resounding, no. Honestly, there are things about it that do make me wonder what they were thinking, but over 20 more years since then, I really do not see it as the biggest mistake. Is it gaudy and weird? Yes, I will admit that. But is it an infringement on me as a Disney fan? Not at all. I can tell you that as a lover of pink and pastel colors, I am still not upset by this. And I am so happy to have this as my first memory as a kid at Disney.

Disney has made more mistakes in the past 10 years than this, I must say. Getting rid of amazing rides, theming areas after properties that I am not sure I can get behind (YET!), and leaving Tommorrowland in the past are much bigger issues to me, than to slap some paint on the castle. If anything, I say they really did leave a mark on Disney history, whether for good or bad.


I loved this castle. I will say that fully as an adult that this was an amazing idea, a great feat of work for them to do this. It remains also a risk they took to create a unique experience for a year that would probably otherwise be forgotten. I haven’t forgotten it. And honestly, I might not remember the trip vividly, but it truly did kick my love for Disney and the parks into reality. And another stunt like this in the future would actually be amazing and fun.

Hey, less than 10 years until Walt Disney World is gonna be Over the Hill. I don’t think the pink is needed, but I’d love to see the inflatable icing and candles on a blue frosted castle cake!


Snow xoxoxo


Welcome to My Disney Things

If you have somehow stumbled upon my little blog, welcome. I haven’t really thought of how to start this blog exactly. I have had a want to do something Disney and fun for a while. I had 2 blogs before trying to do something fun and pleasing like this. But how does one really separate themselves? Well, I can say I am a 26-year-old who got Disney tattoos. Almost all of my tattoos are Disney. I will show you someday when I can not figure out how to write Disney articles.

But in all reality, my online name is Snow. I have been using it for a while. I am a massive Disney fan. I have been to Walt Disney World more than I can count on my fingers. Waiting to fill my toes. As stated, I am 26, a mother-to-be, a future wife, and nerdy as heckie. I have a youtube gaming channel, but of course, this isn’t the place for that. I have been trying to fill my time after leaving my job to pursue better health and take care of myself for preparation for a baby. And my boyfriend and I are planning a trip to come up in the next few months as a babymoon persey.

And why not start talking about something you love and have been passionate about for years right? So many things I love, but so many things from Disney I have been wanting to say for many years. Good things, bad things, things in between and my hopes for the future. So why not talk about them?

Anyways, welcome to my little Disney blog. I hope you guys enjoy your stay!

Snow xoxoxo